Before You Get A Tummy Tuck

You have flabby, hard-to-remove belly skin. This is a common ailment that many people have. Some people have excess skin and fat from a pregnancy or multiple pregnancies. Other people have a belly problem due to weight gain and loss, or rapid weight loss. Some people just have issues with small areas of their tummies that are largely out of their control and blamed mainly on genetics.

Whatever your reason for having flab on your tummy, the removal process of this excess fat and skin is hard. You have to exercise a lot and keep a healthy lifestyle to keep your stomach taut, but hormones, age, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and other factors will affect how tight and smooth your stomach appears. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic, permanent solution to your stomach woes—but wait. Before you get a tummy tuck, know the following things.

You have to work at it

You will get a flatter, more attractive stomach after getting a tummy tuck, but the results will only last as long as you take care of yourself. If you gain weight or fail to keep your muscles tight after you get a tummy tuck, your body will largely go back to the way it was before you had the surgery. Remember: a tummy tuck is not a miracle cure, but rather, a solution to your immediate stomach issues.

You may have some flab left

A tummy tuck will improve the look of your stomach, but the solution may not remove all the fat and loose skin on your belly. This is especially true if you have a large stomach apron of skin or if you have excess skin on your back and thighs as well that you want to get rid of. Your tummy tuck can be repeated again after the surgery is completely healed if you don't like the results or if you have other areas that you want worked on.

You need to heal

Cosmetic surgery is still surgery, so you'll need to give your body time to heal after you have work done. Don't try to go back to work too fast or attempt to work out or do other strenuous things following your tummy tuck. You have to let your tummy heal, so plan in advance to take time off work and get help from your family so you can recover most effectively from this beneficial procedure.